Best of: Isabelle Lightwood

It’s the mortal cup Jace, not the mortal toilet bowl

FAVORITE MOMENTS OF TMI (no particular order) || Simon and Isabelle hug in City of Heavenly Fire.  Simon let himself close his eyes and bury his face against her neck. He could feel her heart beating, but violently pushed aside any thoughts of blood. She was soft and strong in his arms, her hair tickling his face, and holding her, he felt normal, wonderfully normal, like any teenage boy in love with a girl. In love.

So here is a new video by me, is multifandom is a very new style for me is more atmospheric so yeah, and tmi is on it so i really hope everybody enjoy it and like it :)

Happy birthday, Clarissa Fray.

but i’m not caving in


So here is my new video about sizzy, i really hope you all like it asdfghj :) 

just reblog again in case anybody want to see it again, or don’t see it yet :) 

In the last extremity this weapon will not fail you; in the darkest hour this weapon will bring your enemy low.


Heronstairs because I’m rereading cohf and the feels are too strong